© Ricky Linn

No matter how and why we fall, we will always rise back up again.

Ricky Linn
Requirements and Specs

This project is an opportunity to reflect, react, process, pray and create in the wake of these recent environmental disasters.

Digital at first

The project is digital-only for the moment, with an eye toward printing in the near future. If you know someone who might be interested in helping to get these printed, please let us know!

Animation is welcome

If you’d like to animate your work, please make it an endless loop and keep it under 15 seconds long. A static version of your piece is also appreciated, otherwise future printing won’t be possible. Animated .mov should be 1436 px wide x 1920 px tall to match our poster size format.

Logo and attribution

We’re asking that the Beacon logo and project attribution be included at the bottom of each poster. Please use this template. Once your piece has been reviewed, it will be featured in the Beacon collection.